June 2nd, 2009:
Well, so much for New Year’s resolutions. Happy Birthday to me. Today I turned ##, heh. Karen and I went out to eat, had a good relaxing meal, which has been hard to come by lately. In the last month, we’ve sold our house, bought a new one, had a mother of all moving sales, still had tons of stuff to move from a 2500 sp ft house with 1400 sq ft of screened pool into an 1800 sq ft house. We also celebrated our 27th anniversary, went to farmer’s markets selling Karen’s jewelry 3 days a week, went to 2 Sci Fi conventions, Karen selling her jewelry, myself as a guest author. Both conventions started on Fridays, so we were gone for 3 days weekends, and I only took one day off to close on selling and buying, and moving. I need a vacation…and a massage. I will be taking care of both this month.

This last weekend, at Wrath of Con, we meet Hercules… or at least the human that played him, Kevin Sorba. A genuinely nice person. We had the chance to chat a bit, and it was fun. The 4 hour+ drive home wasn’t as much fun.

More importantly, I feel inspired to write. Unpacking is eating into it, but we’ll be done with that by the weekend…I hope. I’m going to have the final draft re-edited, and hopefully, in print in time for Necronomicon in October. I’m saying it here to put more pressure on me. Hope it works.

I will write more this week.

December 31st, 2008:
This page is going to be a test for me, a 2009 New Year’s resolution. I am going to try and add to it no less than weekly, but hopefully more often, to promote getting myself into the routine mentality I need to be in to write on a regular schedule. This will signal a new Bill, devoted and determined to bear down, finish what I start, show the results that should have been there all along. I need to find a way to write consistently, regardless of the complications and conflicts daily life throws in front of me. I will hereafter…oh heck, look at the time, I have to get ready to go out for New Year’s. Two parties to go to tonight so…uh, I’ll get back to this later, heh.

January 1st, 2009:
Happy New Year! The year is off to an auspicious start. Last night Karen and I went to several parties, and ended up at Joe and Gay Haldeman’s annual get-together of a very eclectic group of people, most of them science fiction fans. I had several people ask me about the sequel to Captive Audience, and were they ever going to see it. This is the kind of pressure I need to get me motivated. Today will be a “get a start on taking down Christmas”(so if you missed seeing our way overlit house this holiday season, you’ll have to wait til next year), watch some football(South Carolina is losing, sorry ole ball coach), send out some relevant e-mails catching up on some things, and tonight, to write. I’ll let you know tomorrow how that goes.