Captive Audience, a Science Fiction novel dealing with first contact with aliens. Published by PublishAmerica, 2004, $29.95, ISBN ISBN 1-4137-2811-1.

This voyage of the cruise ship Jade Viking is anything but typical. Departing Japan with a joint American/Japanese crew, upon docking in San Francisco, it will trade the Stars & Stripes for the Rising Sun. Wall Street lawyer Kimberly Martin has brokered a deal between Spencer Corp. and the mysterious firm Sukuru. Clever marketing has Jim Morris aboard, filming the final scenes to his next martial arts action movie.An alien ship follows radio transmissions back to Earth, looking for something quick and easy to seize for profit. Jade Viking is a glittering light in the dark, northern Pacific night, and shortly, the Ananab ship P’Tasum is on its way home, cruise ship and contents secured in the hold.It falls to Jim Morris to organize reluctant allies to seize the ship. The odds are steep. But have the aliens really considered the consequences of kidnapping and attempting to enslave 3,500 dirty, hungry, and extremely angry humans?

Foul Weather Friends, a short story published in Arrhythmic Souls 4, a horror-based fanzine, 2008, $11.90.